eTail: Will Omnichannel Personalization Boost Holiday Sales?

By Alan

2019 eTail Holiday Report: New Ways to Drive Holiday Sales

See how retailers and big brands are using omnichannel personalization and digital technology to unify digital and in-store experiences, individualize customer journeys, and improve retail holiday sales in this new eTail report.

The report is based on a broad survey of retailers preparing for 2019 holiday sales, answers these questions and much more:

  • The new methods 59 percent plan to use for presenting products—based on better understanding of core customers and purchasing drivers
  • One highly effective customer personalization strategy to improve conversion that nearly half of retailers surveyed plan to use
  • Two tactics retailers think will make 2019 a better year—and how personalization plays a big role in one of them

Not sure if you're ready for the 2019 holiday season? Then read this report NOW, while there's still time to adjust.